August 27, 2010

Spring/Fall clean-up charging question

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how do you charge people to do spring clean up is it by the hour or by the job?

Answer:charge your customer a per job price, figure out that price by the hour, ….per man hour… equipment fee

Answer:Price all your work by the job, EXCEPT cleanups. Sometimes you really don’t know how many leaves your into until your actually doing the job. Whatever your hourly rate is, per person. We’re at around $48 an hour. Includes everything.

Answer:So if its like a wooded area with the ground covered in leaves how would you charge? and what would you charge? i was thinking about $40-$50 an hour then giving them a bill when i was done. does that sound about right or what

Answer:its also about a acre id say

Answer:This is where experience kicks in. Lawns a mess and they want a full cleanup. Your going to bust your A$$ doing it so charge them for a full day.

Labor rate X number of guys X how many hours you work in a day. If it is a big lot.

Experience will tell you how long it will really take. What size yard is it? Bid high to cover yourself.

Answer:I was just wanting to know what people are charging for that type of work

Ya its gonna take a while i know that i have done it before but i did it for my self (never pays to have to do your own lawn)

Answer:If you share what equipment your going to use to do the cleanup it would help. If your trying to use a hand held blower instead of a back pack that will effect your time greatly. Make a list of what your using and I’ll give you a ball park hourly rate that I would do it for. Is it an all wooded lot or just the back yard. If you have to haul the front to the back woods that will hurt your time. Tell us as much as you can. The more the better. And dont worry if it seem to go on forever.

Answer:I used to tell customer $60/hr, and it didn’t work for me.

Here is what I do now, and it almost always works for me. I look long and hard at the job, and make a good guess at how long it will take. Let’s say I think it will take 4 hrs. I multiply $60/hr X 4 hrs, and come to $240. Based on that, I then give the customer an estimate in a range…in this case I’d say "It will cost between $225 and $325, depending on how tough the job is". I put it in writing if they want. BTW, my minimum is $200 on a clean-up.

If it actually takes 4 hrs (or less), I’d charge them $240 (or less), and they will be really happy, thinking that I took care of them. If I blow it, and it takes 5 hrs, I charge them $300, and they are less happy, but satisfied. If it takes longer than 5 hrs, I suck it up, charge them $325, and learn from the experience.

I base my rate on one man (me), a walk-behind blower, a backpack blower, and a 52" ZTR with vac system. And rakes and tarps!

Answer:how do you charge people to do spring clean up is it by the hour or by the job?

I GET $600 PER 1/4 ACRE

Answer:By the hour for cleanups i have gotten beat to many times doing it by the job

Answer:… i have gotten beat to many times doing it by the job

You need to become a better estimator.

Answer:Well we got aabout an acre lot to do this coming week with just blowing leafs off it and we got $300 for it. The leafs are already in piles.. we just have to drag them off his lot into the woods. Should be a pretty easy job. We estimated about 4 hours labor.

Answer:I just do mowing price times 3 and then im good to go.

Answer:After my first year of fall cleanups, I would definately say price it by the hour, or at least, like hackitdown said, give a range of how long it will take. We ran into everything from leaves that looked shallow, and ended up being over 1 foot deep, to frozen leaves, to stuff buried under the leaves that we didnt see, dog $hit, kids toys, horseshoe stakes, sticks, rocks, etc. etc… I priced out my first few cleanups by the job, then wised up and charged by the hour ($50/ hour), and made out a lot better. As long as I keep moving and dont look like I’m slacking or taking advantage of my customer, I dont feel bad one bit about charging a good buck… ITS DAMN HARD WORK! thats why they hired you in the first place, they didnt have the equipment, time or ambition to tackle it themselves!

Answer:Oh, yeah, and the price is affected by whether they want the leaves just brought to the curb, or taken away.

Answer:You need to become a better estimator.

Thats when I 1st started back in the day

Answer:by the HR…we charge $27.50 per man hr..1 acre, would run about $750 for us.for 3 men…….we did a 2 acre property last seaosn, it took 3 men 2 days to do, and they hauled out around 5 loads of leaves in the dump-truck (holds 6 yrds of leaves) chrged $1,600 , but i charged $30 a man hr for that job as the house we where working on was for sale for 8 million dollers.

Answer:No Offense Guys Those Prices Are A Little Low. An Acre Property $300 ????????? Your Nuts I Easily Get $1200 MINIMUM $300 PER 1/4 ACRE & THAT IS A SOLO JOB

Answer:No Offense Guys Those Prices Are A Little Low. An Acre Property $300 ????????? Your Nuts I Easily Get $1200 MINIMUM $300 PER 1/4 ACRE & THAT IS A SOLO JOB

this sounds alot more accurate.

Answer:Thats a lot of money to charge some one i thing the 1200 an acre what all do you do to charge that much?

and another thing what is this per man hour stuff

is it like this you charge $50 a man hour and have 2 men working does that mean you will charge $100 an hour? or what

Answer:I mean i am working by my self here and should get some help for this job but it dont need to be done right away there is still snow on the ground so i have time to think but there are trees all the way around his house like he lives in a woods but there are only like 15-20 trees on his lawn but since he is in a woods type thing theres alot more leaves that blew over if that helps any one on a good price quote

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